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Hone Rata

Business Analyst , ICT team

As a business analyst for Tui Ora, Hone Rata works with staff to examine their business process and procedures. Together they find new and improved ways to complete these tasks.

He also builds the IT systems that allow staff, where appropriate, to automate these processes.

Essentially, Hone is a middleman or link, giving those working within Tui Ora the tools to help them organise their workflow, make decisions, and improve the health and wellbeing of their clients.

He says it is the creativity and collaboration that makes his role enjoyable. He’s enthused by the chance to make the day to day mahi of Tui Ora kaimahi less complicated, freeing up their time to better serve their clients' needs.

In 2006 Hone began working for Tui Ora with one of his first responsibilities the building of a data management system for an allied PHO (primary health organisation).

He grew up in New Plymouth and he and his wife moved back to the city following stints overseas and in Wellington. They wanted their children to enjoy a Taranaki lifestyle, close to whānau.

Hone is continually inspired by his workplace. There’s camaraderie in his IT department and a genuine sense of passion from others within the organisation.

“I worked in the UK and people there were generally not working for the love of the job but the pay packet.”

The constant challenges and opportunities at Tui Ora keep the work interesting.

“As Tui Ora is always striving for improvement there is a real feeling of progress and I find my contribution to projects is meaningful and respected. Also, I like the fact that the organisation is not designed to make a profit or meet the demands of shareholders – as those working in a private company would be.

“The people I work with here honestly want to help their clients in the community to get well. That’s quite inspiring.”

He also notes there is a feeling of family or whānau inherent in the organisation.

“The emphasis for me - and what makes it different from other workplaces - is the real feeling of family or togetherness.”

Usually Hone is found in front of a screen – but his agreeable nature means he might also be roped in for another task. He happily obliges.

“The collegial feeling comes from the top down. Everybody is approachable. There’s no sense of superiority from anyone in the organisation.”

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