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Pick the leaders YOU want - enrol now

Pick the leaders YOU want - enrol now
Carl Broughton will be at Tui Ora Family Health on Wednesdays to enrol anyone and answer questions about voting.

Last Updated: September 2019

Enrol now and make sure you – and your whānau - get the leaders you want. That’s the message from Carl Broughton who will be at Tui Ora over the coming weeks to promote the need to be on the electoral roll.

If people want to vote – and it is the right of everyone over the age of 18 – they first need to make sure they are on the roll for their area or electorate.

“Get enrolled then you have the option of deciding who gets to sit in the big chair,” he says. 

In October 2019 the local body elections are held so people can vote for new councillors on the New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki district councils as well as on the Taranaki Regional Council and the Taranaki District Health Board. Next year the national election takes place.

Young voters are a group he particularly wants to reach. “The over 18-year-olds probably have a chance to make more of an impact than ever before. They are much more aware of global issues like climate change.

“Guess what they are talking about in classrooms? If they want to see action they need to get on the roll, otherwise you will end up with fuddy-duddy’s like me,” he jokes.

Carl lived in Australia for eight years so as a Kiwi was unable to vote. “That’s pretty disempowering I have to tell you.” It’s renewed his conviction for everyone to take part in democracy.

Carl will be in the waiting room of Tui Ora Family Health from 10am on Wednesday and again at 2pm.

Many adults are already enrolled but some might need to change their address if they have moved, others might want to be on the unlisted roll. That means your name is published on the roll, which is a public document, but not your address and occupation.

Carl can answer any questions in coming weeks that kaimahi and whānau have.

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