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Cervical Screening

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers. Screening checks for abnormal cell changes reduce the risk of women developing cervical cancer by up to 90 percent. This programme aims to raise community awareness of the importance of cervical screening through education, participation in community events and referring women to the national cervical screening programme. 

Injury Prevention

The programme focuses on reducing unintentional injuries among children. This is delivered through community falls prevention education and other programmes delivered alongside Kidsafe Taranaki Trust and the New Plymouth Injury Safe Trust.

Gambling Support

Tui Ora and the Problem Gambling Foundation aim to raise awareness of the harm associated with problem gambling through community events and positive initiatives. For free support and counselling, check out the problem gambling website on or call the Gambling helpline on 0800 6642 62.  

Suicide Prevention Service

Our service helps promote and co-ordinate existing regional services.  We are part of implementing the Taranaki action plan, increasing community awareness, co-ordinating training and education, and supporting communities to design their own initiatives to reduce self-harm and suicide.

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Tui Ora
Ph 06 759 4064


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