March 2015

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An 89-year-old who kicked his smoking habit has won one of the Tui Ora smoking cessation promotional prizes of $100. He’s proving that it’s never too late to ditch a life-long habit.

Pat Avey, who lives at Port View resthome in Moturoa, started smoking when he was 15 and tried to quit many times over the years. He’s a former serviceman who was in the Navy during World War II.

This time his doctor gave him the hard word, saying he needed to stop in order to help him breathe more easily. He enrolled with Tui Ora late last year and was supported by  Quit Coach George Rapana(external link). He wasn’t sure what he would do with his winning cheque, when George presented it to him recently.

Ditching the cigarettes hadn’t been too hard, he said. “Sometimes I might sit in my room and feel like a smoke. I try and borrow one off someone else, but I can’t get one.”

His granddaughter Jasmine Avey, aged 26, said other rest home residents were supporting Pat by not offering him smokes.

She’s also trying to follow in his footsteps after being hospitalised due to complications with her asthma. Jasmine has tired stopping before but says this time she’s made up her mind to do it.

She will take part in an individual programme at Tui Ora and hopes that if successful she might inspire her mother and father, both smokers.

One of the things she will do to break the habit is go for walks in the morning. Plus she’s planning a trip to Rarotonga, and instead of spending over $100 on her smoking habit she will save the money.

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