September 2021

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​Our Business Development Team attended the annual Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase on August 10th, marking our first public step outside of our identity as a community wellbeing service and into a new Business Development identity. It was an opportunity to showcase the two big projects our very own Keri Elvin and Leanne Matuku have been diligently working away on -​ Cultural Growth & Development and Pou Oranga Wellbeing.

"Cultural Growth and Development is a two day course that consists of te reo Māori and tikanga modules with a focus on pronunciation and applying learning to the workplace" Keri explains."Particiipants learn karakia and waiata and consider hononga in relation to manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga. The programme is fun and interactive, challenges people's thinking, and encourages reflection and listening to alternative perspectives."​​

"Pou Oranga Wellbeing is a flexible programme that is essentially based on the specific requirements of the client" Leanne explains. "There are six modules within the Pou Oranga framework that are based on key elements within Wellbeing and Resiliency described as Wairua: Spiritual, Whakapapa: Connection, shared experiences and our environment, Whanau: Relationship and capacity, Ora: Resiliency, mana wahine, mana tane, Mana Akiaki: Communication, respect given and received and Manaaki Ake: Self-care. Moving towards life balance and self esteem"

While no course sales were made, the team each had some great conversations with potential allies, which really built the excitement and was what the showcase was really all about. We have subsequently emailed about 40 businesses, with some responses already received. Since then, the team have managed to see one client commit to a purchase order and, once the current Lockdown levels have eased, will soon be facilitating their first revenue generating Cultural Growth & Development Foundation course.

This was the first time this team have presented themselves as a collective in the public arena, and the aim now is to focus on the target market of corporates and non-profits. Getting the right marketing out to the right target group will be key to getting a few wins under our belt.

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