February 2018

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Kim Marshall, Romane Stockman and Julie Foley of Tui Ora. MyCup, a NZ-made menstrual cup is now available to women in need in Taranaki.

Women in Taranaki are being offered a cost-effective alternative to sanitary products thanks to the initiative of Julie Foley at Tui Ora.

Following publicity elsewhere in the country, Julie contacted social enterprise MyCup to see if the menstrual cups could be trialled here.

She now has 20 cups (10 small and 10 medium) valued at $25 to give away to local women, and estimates they will be able to save hundreds of dollars a year. Other women may wish to purchase one of the cups and donate a second one. There is also the option to just donate a cup if someone wishes to do that by using the coupon code 'taranakidonate'. The cost to donate a cup is $12.50.

"This is a way to help those in our community struggling to meet the costs of sanitary items as well as ensure there is a more eco-friendly alternative. Using a MyCup on a monthly basis means fewer items are not being flushed down toilets or put in rubbish bins, "says Julie who can be contacted by email(external link) or by phone 027 704 5497.

The cups are washed and reused each month and those using for the first time receive helpful instructions. Women say they can wear them for sport and swimming, throughout the day. The cups are made of silicon and vary in price from $25 to $75 depending on the brand purchased. 

For more see the MyCup Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mycupnz/(external link)

Or the MyCup website https://www.mycup.co.nz/(external link)

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