October 2023



Mākona cart at our New Plymouth site!

Tui Ora is proud to announce the opening of Mākona – a fully mobile coffee cart that has just launched at the New Plymouth site at 36 Maratahu St, Westown. While hot drinks to go are nothing new, this kaupapa goes beyond the simple act of supplying coffee. In true Tui Ora fashion, it embraces the principles of Whānau Ora while supporting local kaupapa.

Mākona was the brainchild of Tui Ora Ideation and Innovation Lead Tamara Ruakere. Having recognised that coffee can serve as a catalyst for fostering social connections, she teamed up with local coffee roasters Proof & Stock, who not only provided the coffee beans, cups and start-up mentoring, but they also offer places for our Mākona staff on their Taiohi barista training course.

Mākona, meaning 'quenched' or 'satisfied' in Te Reo Māori, transcends beyond excellent coffee. It’s a venture designed to prepare our whānau for employment, educate taiohi in business management, hospitality, teamwork, VIP hospitality, and foster transferable skills applicable across various work settings. We are also creating a safe space for learning and development and to acquire new skills which can open new opportunities

Our very own Ngapera Hohaia-Aiton and Tiara Rangi featured on Seven Sharp  recently to spread the word about our kawhe cart with a difference - Mākona!

What an awesome opportunity to shed some light on this  fantastic kaupapa. Check out the full story at the link below...

Mākona magic at Tui Ora(external link)


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