May 2018

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Pharmacist Manager Hesham Abou-Rabiah

Tui Ora Family Health's pharmacy is open for business. The pharmaceutical one-stop-shop aims to meet all of the medicinal needs of the GP practice as well as the Taranaki Stop Smoking Service who supply nicotine replacements.

Pharmacist Manager Hesham Abou-Rabiah got his feet behind the counter on Monday and is excited to be supplying clients in need:

"I'm looking forward to getting to know the community and providing efficient services by assessing the clients' needs and working out how we can best supply their medications," he says.

The pharmacy will offer a core range of retail products, including pain relief, first aid products and natural health remedies but the majority of the work will be supplying script medicine.

Tui Ora has partnered with Auckland-based SmartMed Pharmacy Group, who have 13 pharmacies in the central North Island, Taranaki, the Bay of Plenty and Auckland, having decided they offered the best fit to the organisation.

The pharmacist will work as part of the TOFH team, attending meetings with doctors and nursing staff on a regular basis to exchange information and feedback. Pharmacy hours will mirror the opening hours of TOFH so that clients are able to receive medication as soon as it is prescribed.

In the future, Hesham looks forward to providing free deliveries and blister packs, which make it easy for people to remember what days of the week to take medications.

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