November 2021


​Sisters and young mums Hannah and Shania (left and middle) pictured with friend Sydonia had their first jab at the Tui Ora vaccination clinic on Maratahu Street yesterday. Hannah on the left, holding 8-month old Connor says she wants to be able to travel freely this summer

"Our mother lives in Australia and we want to be able to visit her or for her to feel safe visiting us."

Shania holding seven-week old Noah agrees: "Family is really important to us – and just being able to move around this summer and not miss out."

Sydonia is not worried about her own health too much but is worried about older relatives who would be more vulnerable if they were to contract Covid.

"I also want to get a job and save so I can move to Aussie and lots of jobs require you to have a vaccine now if you are working with people."

All three admitted that up until yesterday they had been scared about getting the vaccine:

"There's been a lot of stuff on the internet that made me worried," says Hannah.

"But I really don't want to get Covid or have my babies catch it from me either."

All three wāhine toa felt they had done the right thing after getting vaccinated and were still smiling (under their masks) in the observation area – with no one suffering from any side effects. Ka Rawe!

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