September 2016

Main Induction and Te Raukura

Hinenui Wano-Bryant, Trent Martin and Glenarr Huntley developed Te Raukura and are helping teach the workshops.

A programme led by a Taranaki health provider is aiming to get its strategic principles off plaques on the wall and into practice. Tui Ora, a kaupapa Maori health service, has launched its own cultural competency programme for its 300-strong workforce around the region.

Called Te Raukura, the initiative, which is compulsory for staff, is based on six principles designed to enhance the work of the organisation and the way it connects with clientele.

Launched three months ago, Tui Ora employees are already seeing the benefits of the programme, not only to the people they work alongside, but to themselves as well. Read the full story in the Taranaki Daily News here.(external link)

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