May 2016

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Project team, from left: Hinenui Wano-Bryant, Trent Martin and Glenarr Huntley

Tui Ora has this month launched an in-house training programme for staff that gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about the Māori culture. The training programme is named after the Raukura. The three white feathers which hold significance for all Taranaki iwi are an emblem of peace and the passive resistance movement of Parihaka.

The Te Raukura programme will support and educate staff in cultural awareness by providing a base level of Tikanga Māori. It will also focus on building upon the Tui Ora organisational culture.By the end of the training staff should be able to demonstrate their ability and understanding, and be aware of how the learning applies to their every day jobs.

Explaining the background to the Te Raukura programme is Trenton Martin, Te Kawau Maro Cultural Leader:

“There was a recognition that Tui Ora had gone through significant change, not just in the services we provided but within the team that provide them. Today we have nearly 300 staff at Tui Ora from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.

"As a kaupapa Māori organisation we wanted to develop a Tikanga o Tui Ora, that was not just about Māori culture but that strengthens the Tui Ora culture.”

The project team is made up of Glenarr Huntley (Project Administrator), Hinenui Wano-Bryant (Project Manager) and Trenton Martin (Te Kawau Maro Cultural Leader). The team has developed the content for a series of face-to-face workshops that will be rolled out to staff over the next two years. Pre-testing of the workshops has provided valuable feedback from staff and has helped to ensure that the content is interesting and accessible for everyone.

“The evolution of Te Raukura has been a long journey. As far as we know there was no other Māori organisation in Taranaki providing this level of cultural training for their staff. How the programme was put together, how we deliver it and the expected outcomes was up to us.
"We were lucky to have a supportive leadership team that gave us great direction and assistance from Te Reo o Taranaki on the language component of the course,” says Trent.

Staff numbers at Tui Ora have grown from an initial team of five in 1998, to 263 today. Among staff there is a high variation in knowledge of Tikanga Māori. Some are at an early stage and others are highly competent. The intention is to make sure that everyone across the organisation has a good base level of knowledge and feels comfortable and capable of applying the learning in their every day jobs. A key finding from a survey of Tui Ora clients was that staff were more culturally aware.

“Te Raukura is a great development for Tui Ora staff,” says Trent. “It’s about building confidence and giving things a go – ultimately making us more capable in our respective jobs”.

Hinenui who has been seconded to the new role agrees:” I’m excited to be involved because I think that it’s something that I haven’t seen done across an organisation. It’s a big piece of work and we’re looking forward to it. We think staff will find it real and hope they can see it as a fantastic learning opportunity.They will be supported to learn a lot and some great resources will be available.”

Glenarr, Project Administrator says: “ There’s been a lot of development and progress made in the project since last year. We have been working on it for so long and now we are able to share Te Raukura with everyone in our organisation.It will be a point of difference between us and other organisations.”

For more details please contact:

Trenton Martin, Te Kawau Maro Cultural Leader, [email protected],06 759 4064

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