September 2022


Our Tui Ora Family Health and Public Health teams at the Waitara clinic for the #SmearYourMea campaign!

A new one-off collaboration between Tui Ora and Waitara Health on September 3rd was a massive success for kaimahi and local whānau.

With a mail drop getting the message out there, Tui Ora were delighted with the response as whānau came forward to catch up on their immunisations and overdue smears.

In spite of a wet and cold day the team racked up some impressive stats over four hours:

  • 30 cervical smears
  • 13 Covid vaccinations
  • 7 flu vaccinations
  • 5 under 5’s tamariki vaccinations

As well as some MMR and HPV vaccinations to boot.

The public health Quit Smoking team were also on hand to encourage whānau to give up the cigarettes. Stop Smoking promoter Carlene Duff said that she and colleague Vannesa Stanton in Public Health engaged with around 40 people about the Stop Smoking Service.


If you would like to organise a smear test for yourself or are interested in any of our services such as Stop Smoking, please visit out website at or contact Tui Ora on 06 759 4064

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