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What is Problem Gambling?

While many people gamble safely, a significant number of individuals, whānau and communities are negatively impacted by their own or someone else's gambling. Individuals hide it from their families. Communities don’t often talk about it, and loved ones often find it hard to deal with.

But, there are some things we can all do to change this situation. Our health promoter's mahi increases awareness about gambling harm and supports communities to prevent and respond to harmful gambling.

Five facts about gambling

  • Every day New Zealanders lose $5.5 million on gambling. That is around $2 billion each year. Half of this, around $1 billion, is lost on pokie machines.
  • It is estimated that between five and 10 people are negatively affected by the behaviour of a serious problem gambler.
  • One in five New Zealanders feel that someone close to them has had a day or occasion in the past 12 months in which they've spent too much time or money on gambling.
  • Māori and Pacific adults are more than three and a half times more likely than adults in the total population to be problem gamblers.
  • Two out of five regular pokie players is likely to have a gambling problem.

What is Tui Ora's role?

Tui Ora Public Health Team provide health promotion and problem gambling education workshops throughout the region to promote the reduction of gambling related harm.

The service does not currently provide open workshops however if you or your business/organisation is interested in an education session for staff contact [email protected]

What is happening in Taranaki?

Tui Ora recently lodged a submission in support of the New Plymouth District Council's proposed changes to the Class 4 Gambling Policy which would see a ‘Sinking Lid’ Policy adopted for the Waitara Community. The aim of this policy is to lower the number of electronic gaming machines from 42 to 25 which would bring the community in line with other similar areas to reduce gambling related harm.

On the 15th November 2017 the NPDC adopted the changes and released a statement advising it will introduce a sinking lid policy for gaming machines in Waitara and a cap of 320 for the rest of district (excluding Waitara).  View the statement here.

Gambling Support Resources

Problem Gambling Foundation  - Visit their website here. 

The Problem Gambling Foundation provides an range of fact sheets available online including; 

  • Gambling in New Zealand (March 2017), An overview of New Zealand’s gambling activities — how much we’re spending, what forms of gambling are the most dangerous, and which Kiwis are being hit hardest by gambling harm
  • What is problem gambling? (March 2017), An introduction to what problem gambling looks like, with a questionnaire to help identify if gambling is a problem for you. Plus, a description of the psychological tricks gambling plays on the brain.
  • Youth Gambling in New Zealand (March 2017), A look at how problem gambling can take root in children and teenagers, along with a questionnaire for youths to determine if they have a problem.
  • Problem Gambling and Mental Health (March 2017), Learn about the other mental health issues that can exist alongside problem gambling, as well as the criteria necessary for a diagnosis of pathological gambling.
  • Class 4 Gambling (March 2017), This sheet shows where the money goes after a pokie user puts it in the machine – who gets it, how much, and what they can use it for

Choice not Chance - Visit their website here. 

The choice not chance page provides information, resources and short quiz's that test your knowledge around problem gambling and outline the impact it has having on whanau and communities throughout New Zealand.

Problem Gambling Foundation.

If you are concerned about your own gambling or someone else’s gambling, we can help

Call 0800 66 42 62 or email [email protected]
Asian Family Hotline 0800 86 23 42
Mapu Maia (Pacific counselling team) 0800 66 42 62

Choice no Chance

If you need help to get back on track, text or call the numbers below, or check out the other support options.Website: www.choicenotchance.org.nz

For free 24 hour support, call 0800 654 655 or text 8006

Our Gambling Helpline team offers free confidential support over the phone or by text. We can also help arrange for you to see a counsellor in your area.

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